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a.) My Chloroplasts were not moving due to a lack of light, however the chloroplasts generally do move.

b.) In each different cell, the chloroplasts are moving the same direction at the same constant speed. However, in seperate cells, the chloroplasts may be moving a seperate direction at a seperate speed.

c.) The chloroplasts gain their energy to move from the sun.


a.) Inside of the cell I see cytoplasm and I also see large puffy chambers of starch grains.

b.) I did not see any chloroplasts in the cells.

c.) The iodine turns the potato cells black and is orange as it leaves the bottle.

d.)Starch grains are located in the organelles.

e.) You don't see chloroplasts because potato's themselves do not need to utilize photosynthesis because they grow underground.


a.) These two cells do not react in the same way to iodine. The onion does not react to iodine because onions do not contain starch.

b.) I did not find any chloroplasts in the onions which did supported my hypothesis because onions grow underground.



a.) The cell is transparent.

b.) The cell is ovular in shape.

c.) The cell wall is alot more semi-permeable and thinner then the thicker tomato skin cell wall.

d.) The cell wall for the tomato skin is thicker because it needs to protect the tomato.

e.) The chromoplasts are arranged the same as in the skin.

f.) The tomato is red all over but the skin is more red than the pulp.


a.) The cell wall is slightly less thick than that of the tomato skin.

b.) There are red pigments present.

c.) The pigment is localized throughout the entire cell.

d.) I do not believe that these are the same pigments as found in the tomato because the tomato pigment is not localized throught the cell.


a.) The animal cells do not posses walls, they posses cell membranes.

c.) The cells only have a nucleus because un-like plants, they do not need chromoplasts or vacules.

1.) These cells all have cytoplasm, some sort of structural organelle, a nucleus and an nucleitus.

2.) The plant cells are much stronger because un-like animal cells, they have solid cell walls instead of semi-permiable cell membrane.

3.) All cells have some sort of structure organell, cytoplasm and a nucleus.

4.) The purpose of staining cells is to locate certain things such as starches in potatos.

Note:adjusted grade 86%